About Me... LOTD and Second Chances

You may or not have met me.. My name is Jordyn, before today I was JordanM Rossini and very much the same person. For along time I have been in a birth family in SL and after parting ways with our birth parents its finally time to put that behind. I have learned so much in the past few years as Jordan and have been blessed to have had such amazing friends. Lately, I have found myself believing more and more in second chances. A song I had heard by Carlos Whittaker has had me thinking significantly on how to give others and be given second chances. I am including the song here. It really speaks volumes to me.. for those of you that do not believe in God its up to you whether you choose to watch it or not.. I will not force it upon you.. but I am linking it here


Skin: Little Belita @ Mynerva , Extensor (104, 230, 22)
Hair: Fri.Day Tatum 2 @ Friday Sim
Mani/Pedi: Exodi by Ryker Beck
Clothes: Willow by Chelsea Grigg @ Sim Butterfly Kisses

I absolutely love this dress outfit that Chelsea Grigg released today! :D I everything about this dress. The hair scrunchie and sandals are must haves for any junior fashionista!

Thank You for Reading my Blog :D
See You again Tomorrow :D

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iKylei said...

This post made me smile :) Keep your head up Jordy.. you're about to be who you are destined to be.. yourself with nothing holding you back, not even a name. *hugs you so big*

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